SUP Instructor Course

ISA SUP Instructor Courses

4elements is pleased to invite you to ISA SUP instructor courses in Lofoten in collaboration with SUP Reine and SurfSteps! There will be both ISA Flat Water SUP (level 1) and Open Water SUP (level 2).

The courses will give you an international certification by ISA, the International Surfing Association. Hallgeir Thorbjørnsen, general manager of 4elements, was certified ISA SUP Presenter in 2023 and will present the Flat Water SUP, while the Open Water SUP is conducted in collaboration with Surf Steps Water Training Academy in England and ISA course presenter Andy Joyce.

Flat Water SUP


The International Surfing Association (ISA) Level One – Flat water SUP (FWSUP) Instructor works with the novice in flat/calm water teaching basic SUP skills including introduction to equipment, beach safety, carrying the SUP board, entering the water, paddling the SUP board prone, kneeling and standing.


This course is aimed at individuals with SUP experience who wish to teach basic SUP techniques to the novice and early development students. It equips the coach with the skills and knowledge required to do this in a safe environment and supportive manner.

  • Course Duration
    The Flat-Water SUP Coach Course is run over two days and involves practical and theory modules.
  • Post Course Practice
    To accredit, 20 hours instructing post course with a suitable mentor, recorded in the workbook and returned to the course trainer.
  • Lifesaving / First Aid Award
    The candidate must hold a suitable First Aid / Rescue Award, which can be taken anytime up to 18 months after the course.
  • SUP Proficiency
    The candidate must demonstrate an ability to:
    – Paddle kneeling between buoys at 20m interval
    – Paddle standing both ways around the buoys in a figure eight pathway.
    – Paddle standing between buoys at 20 m interval changing hands every 3 strokes
    – Safe Dismount
  • Completion
    The candidate has18 months from the start date to complete all the criteria.  If deemed ‘not competent’ in any part of the assessment, you will have an opportunity to develop competency during the 20 hours of coaching.  On successful completion the candidate will receive an ISA FWSUP certificate.
  • Membership
    The course fee includes ISA membership for the first year.  After, the ISA coach award holder must pay the $100 USD fee to the ISA yearly and hold a current acceptable ILS water rescue award to maintain a valid qualification.

Saturday 23 September, 09.00-17.00
Sunday 24 September, 09.00 – approx. 17.00

Reine in Lofoten
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NOK 4300,- including course material, registration and one year’s ISA certification.
Registration by e-mail to: hallgeir(att)

Open Water SUP

The ISA Open Water SUP Course focuses on teaching SUP high performance skills and coaching in the Open Water environment. The course covers SUP Racing, Technical, and Downwind Paddling skills.

Students must have completed the ISA Flat water SUP award as a prerequisite. If not there are  RPL options available.

Successful completion of this course allows you to coach and train students in exposed waters, downwind and racing conditions in a fun, safe and enjoyable manner for small groups of experienced paddleboarders.

Read more about the course at SurfSteps.

Duration and date
The Open Water SUP Coach Course is a one day course and involves practical and theory modules.

Saturday 9 September, 08.00 – approx. 17.00

Lofoten Beach Camp, Flakstad in Lofoten
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NOK 3000,- including course material, registration and one year’s ISA certification.
Registration by e-mail to: hallgeir(att)